What To Expect When You List With OMRE

Once the decision is made to sell your home, land or ranch, it is imperative to secure a company that is capable of handling the transaction effectively.

Having a broker / owner with more than two decades of real estate transaction experience and who has represented all types and sizes of properties can be critical elements in a smooth transaction with no surprises. In the process of dealing with a wide variety of properties , OMRE has developed a well-rounded marketing plan that has a proven track record.

While all real estate companies can advertise in the local newspaper, OMRE extends advertising through multiple media sources at the local, state, national and global level. With the internet, the playing field has changed and OMRE is on the leading edge of effectively using these media types.


OMRE proposes an exclusive right of representation listing agreement. The listing term of twelve months is preferred.


After the viewing of the property, a commission rate will be discussed. This fee provides incentive to both the Listing Broker (OMRE), and any subsequent co-broker — whereby fees are generally split on a 50-50 basis. OMRE’s objective in setting its fee is two-fold: (a) to charge a market rate that is based upon fair and reasonable compensation levels for the services provided, and (b) to provide incentive to both in-house and outside brokers in order to sufficiently enlist full brokerage cooperation on the sale. OMRE works with other brokers and encourages full cooperation.

Professional Photography

Having professional photographs taken of each property is an absolute necessity. We take the presentation of our clients’ properties very seriously and believe in having the best-looking and most accurate representation of each and every one of them.

Multimedia Marketing

At OMRE we believe in the power of effective communication through technology. With the capabilities of the internet expanding everyday, we are able to professionally present properties to potential clientele worldwide through a multitude of real estate websites and apps.  

Print Advertising

While the internet is certainly the most widely accepted and utilized marketing tool for real estate, print advertising cannot be dismissed.  At OMRE, we take advantage of every opportunity available to effectively advertise to the appropriate target market to help sell your property. 

Quality Marketing Packages

Each of our marketing packages is unique to a specific property.  They are comprehensive, pleasing to the eye and most importantly, accurate and informative. These packages present your property in its best possible light; from the maps, to the professional photography, to the quality gloss cardstock they are printed on.  They provide a reference for potential buyers to consider and reflect on as they consider the merits of your property.

Unparalleled Communication

Good communication is the key to any successful relationship. Our team will communicate in ways that work best for you, whether that is once a day or once a month, by phone, email or text message. If you like, we will notify you each time a meaningful inquiry is made about your property; all showings will be documented and all offers will be presented.